Q: Why outdoor advertising?
A: Outdoor and Out-Of-Home advertising is the second fastest growing advertising medium in the market place today, trailing only the internet. It influences your customers when they are mobile and most likely to make a decision to buy. The presence of outdoor advertising continually reaches consumers where they live, work, shop and play to deliver your message to today’s highly mobile consumer. Consumers are increasingly exposed to a growing list of multiple choices in both broadcast and print media; there are hundreds of T.V and radio stations to choose from. Consumers are avoiding advertising messages by using remote controls, Tivo and Satellite Radio. Newspaper circulation has had a steady decline for the last 20 years as more and more consumers are getting their news from other sources. Outdoor advertising presents a powerful alternative choice for uncluttered delivery of your message and should be part of any mixed media program. Outdoor and out-of-home advertising can’t be turned off, thrown out or ignored; it’s Big, Bold and Colorful and is one the most cost efficient forms of advertising delivering the lowest Cost-Per-Thousand (CPM) impressions.


Q: How much does a billboard cost in Los Angeles or other cities?
A: Billboard rates are determined by many different factors, including: location, size, traffic count, length of contract, number of locations leased, and supply & demand. Because of our size we know the local, regional, national and international valuations for any market. Please contact us for your no obligation quote. The more information you provide to us in terms of goals, objectives and budget, the better we can assist you.


Q: Who will design and print my advertising?
A: With over 100 years of combined experience creating effective outdoor advertising messages, we know the importance of creating a memorable message that will impact your target market. We oversee and manage the printing, shipping, installation and removal of your advertisement.


Q: How many invoices will I receive on a monthly basis?
A: One. Billboard Connection makes the accounting easy with one monthly invoice.


Q: Does Billboard Connection own the billboards?
A: No, we do not own billboards. We represent all of the many different types of outdoor advertising products, providing your company with the products and programs to reach your target audience. There are well over 50 different types of outdoor advertising products available. Many times outdoor and out-of-home products other than billboards are proposed.


Q: What is a rotary billboard program?
A: A rotary program moves the advertisement from one pre-selected billboard location to another, usually every two months. In some cases, it’s moved every month. This allows your message to be seen by an entirely different traffic pattern and to have a much larger reach in the market. Is a rotating billboard program right for your business? Call us to find out.